Sharon Paz

How long investigates the various divisions created by walls. Clothing, rooms, homes, yards, cities, states, are all layers of separation, borders - whether physical or psychological - that divide in from out. How long combines video and performance to explore the duality of walls both as shields and confinement spaces.

Borders define ownership and territory, a reduced space within which one can move. We are all born into predefined borders that place us on one side or another, borders with diverse natures of dynamism, visibility and physicality, borders that some of us want to cross, but cannot, physically and mentally.

How long simulates those borders but instead of static solid block walls it present a dynamic wall that close or opens, blocks or expose, layered with movement."

Sharon Paz , 2005

How long do you think it will take to build a wall if we start early?
How long do you think it takes to fall from the 91st floor?
How long do you think somebody could stay awake without getting crazy?
How long it will take you to find the way home if you become blind?
How long it will take you to walk from here back to visit your family?
How long will you remember me?
How long is your carrot?
How long do I need to wait for you?
How long do you think it will take you to forgive yourself if you killed someone?
How long it will take them to forgive the children of those who killed their parents?
How long do you think it will take you to forget your fathers face after he dies?
How long do you think your life will be?
How long will it take you to die?

"HOW LONG" performance space is divided into two parts, by a 3 meter high construction covered with video screens. The viewer is placed on one side, “missing” something, hearing … but not seeing, the other space. The structure of the piece is based on separation; two parallel realities exist in the same time. Through the duration of the work, the performers are traveling between the spaces in relation to images and sound, performing different actions on each side.

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